Japanese Facial Massage is a powerful, yet gentle facial rejuvenation treatment. It is a profound combination of traditional East Asian medical concepts and traditional Japanese facial massage techniques. It helps release the energy and stress locked in the facial, head and neck muscles.
The massage helps to rejuvenate and repair facial tissue and to prevent and reduce the impact of the aging process.
Through a rapid, percussive, rhythmical touch, the nervous system is stimulated, blood circulation and lymphatic flow are improved, muscles are strengthened and toned and the energy flow in the face is balanced and supported.

It is especially recommended for beauticians and salon professionals.

Over 90% of the workshops consist of hands-on training, so you will be able to create a complete, therapeutic facial treatment by the end of the training.

Part I: Introduction to Japanese Facial Massage – 3 Days.
In Part I you will learn Japanese concepts of health and beauty, thirty examples of Level I Japanese facial techniques, massage techniques for the anterior neck and Japanese manual lymph drainage techniques.

Part II: Advanced Japanese Facial Massage – 3 Days.
In Part II you will learn refinements of part I techniques, thirty advanced Japanese Facial Massage techniques, massage techniques for the posterior neck, massage techniques for the head and scalp and how to combine all techniques (parts I and II) to create a complete, therapeutic Japanese facial massage treatment.

Part III: Shiatsu Facelift,The Energizing Stage – 2 Days Shiatsu.
The Energizing stage uses meridian energy pathways and Tsubo or acupoints of the face to balance the internal organs. This stage is unique to Japanese Facial Massage. It consists of energizing the face by stimulating acupressure points (Tsubo) and lightly stroking meridians (Keiraku) to improve Ki (energy) flow through the face. The Energizing stage adds tremendous benefit to the entire facial massage by producing the effect of a natural face-lift without needing to insert needles as in acupuncture (and without, of course, the side effects of a surgical procedure). In Part III you will learn the basic Japanese Facial Massage shiatsu routine, point location of all facial acupuncture points on the 6 meridians and 2 vessels and specific acupressure routines for the eyes, upper cheek, upper eyelid, eyebrow and forehead.