Most of us want to make the most of our natural assets. We actively strive to look good: welcoming whatever can assist us in this process. Working with a Japanese Facial Massage professional can be one of the most beneficial ways to support a youthful and healthy outer appearance.

A precise health care modality, Japanese Facial Massage combines ancient Japanese theory with a practical modern approach to looking and feeling your best – whatever age you are. As we learn to nurture and balance our inner and outer lives the changes we make are reflected in our features. With the deceptively simple massage, acupressure and energy balancing techniques of Japanese Facial Massage, you can discover a new and exciting way to take care of the assets you posses.

This totally natural, non-invasive treatment prevents visible signs of aging and can help reverse some of the adverse effects that have already occurred to your skin. As your face is soothed into calmness, your features can visibly relax. The result? You feel and look beautifully at peace with the world.

The normal length of a session is about one hour and ten minutes. After seventy minutes of being cared for by your therapist, a renewed sense of tranquility is often reflected in your features as you look at yourself in the mirror. Expression lines can be eased and your complexion can look fresher and more toned than it has for years. Not only this, compliments from others confirm that what you’re experiencing is not a figment of your imagination but tangible proof that you’re feeling more relaxed and vibrant than you have for a long time.

It is important to remember that this wonderful massage is not a “quick fix” The effects are cumulative. When a client decides to have regular treatments, it’s a commitment to looking and feeling one’s best and to patiently watching the benefits intensify. A course of treatments can be anything from five to ten weekly sessions but there are no hard and fast rules, and each person is individually assessed. The assessment takes into account such factors as skin condition, overall heath and lifestyle. As with all responsible health care modalities, there are contraindications or reasons why, for some people, the massage may not be appropriate, though it is fair to say that most people can readily enjoy the risk-free benefits of facial rejuvenation. Once the intensive part of the treatment is over, clients can come once or twice a month to maintain the benefits. It’s definitely not a high maintenance system and that fact pleases people who lead busy lives and are careful about how they spend their money.

Japanese Facial Massage can relieve tension in areas you had no idea were tense. During a treatment, face, neck and scalp muscles are systematically massaged while acupressure points are activated. The massage helps free constrictions in muscles and connective tissue and aids restoration of micro circulation. After just one treatment your skin can glide smoothly over deeper layers of facial muscle and bone. Your face can feel and look more alive and rested. Given the optimum conditions to restore a sense of balance, the body’s innate healing energy can work unhindered. Delicate and precise procedures which include gentle percussion, kneading, circular movements and smoothing techniques are applied to every part of the face, neck and scalp. Your skin feels alive, rejuvenated and smoother. Is beauty only skin deep? Once you have been in the capable hands of a Japanese Facial Massage practitioner you will feel that being comfortable in your own skin plays an important role in all aspects of your life.