Regular Japanese Facial Massage sessions can lead to smoother, firmer, more radiant skin by:

Minimizing Skin Sagging and Fine Lines
In the same way that exercise firms and tones the body, Japanese Facial Massage strengthens and tones facial muscles to help prevent sagging and wrinkling.

Maximizing Skin Radiance
Japanese Facial Massage speeds skin’s circulation, optimizing cellular turnover, for a more luminous, healthy, youthful looking complexion. It also enables capillaries to deliver nutrients more efficiently to the skin’s surface, slowing visible signs of aging.

Releasing Toxins and Impurities
Japanese Facial Massage increases skin temperature. As it does, it allows the skin to release toxins and deeply imbedded impurities that cleansers cannot reach. Increased temperature activates the lymphatic system which can then efficiently transport bacteria and toxins away from skin cells.

Normalizing Skin’s Moisture Balance
Japanese Facial Massage improves skin’s ability to retain moisture by creating an emollient barrier against evaporation.

Releasing Muscle Tension
Japanese facial massage releases contracted muscular tissue, allowing fresh blood to enter the surface of the face. This supplies oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. Only when circulation is improved can skin cells repair and rejuvenate themselves.